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Earl Grey Black Tea

Earl Grey Black Tea

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This Earl Grey will wake you up every morning! Rich in flavors, its notes of bergamot are divine.
This tea is suitable for all times of the day. It can be drink hot or cold, with or without milk, with or without sugar. It can also be useful in baking for cakes made with Earl Grey tea.

Ingredients: Black Tea & Bergamot

Origin: Sri Lanka

Quantity: 5 Grams per Tea Bag

Infusion: 3 to 5 Minutes, 95°c, 330mL-500mL, up to 3 infusions

Recipe Idea: 
Iced Earl Grey Tea
Infuse a sachet in 200mL of water at 95°C for 5 minutes. Add sugar if necessary, then add a few ice cubes. Enjoy !


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