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Cacaothé® MonteGrande Tea

Cacaothé® MonteGrande Tea

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This tea is a pure delight accompanied by orange delicacies. It will enhance the gourmet side of all chocolate cakes and biscuits.

It is excellent hot with a hint of milk, and just as refreshing and delicious served cold. For more flavours, infuse it as a decoction (to infuse for several hours).

It is also the ideal ally during a diet because it satisfies all sugar cravings without containing a single gram!

Ingredients: Black tea, Cocoa nibs, Cocoa powder

Origin: Taiwan & Guatemala

Quantity: 5 Grams per Tea Bag

Infusion: 5 minutes, 95°c, 330mL-500mL, up to 2 infusions

Cocktail Idea: Baileys, Fresh Milk & Cocoa


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